One Great Program! (I Hate PoliSci)

A while ago, I was advised by a very respected blogger that it is unwise to criticize my program at UNL. It’s not that professional, and it’s not a good career move. While I blog pseudonymously as “dan tdaxp,” my real name is trivially easy to find on this site. I don’t blog anonymously.

That said, if you are at all knowledgeable of international relations, and are thinking of attending UNL to learn more: don’t.

With apologies to The Weakerthans…

It’s good morning, another day has just begun.
Great! Class today, always informative and fun.
A quick goodbye to loved ones who I care about.
And blast out of the door. Then pedals to the floor.
And by Oldfather Hall, the blogger’s locking up
his new bicycle, trying not to say,

“I hate PoliSci.”

How America screwed them on some given date.
The Big Cheese is smart; see how he enunciates:
“George Bush sucks, and John Bolton’s crazy anyway.”
The same shit everyday.
And during questioning
they’re all shushed again.
He’s thinking to himself:
fellow students’ bewilderment proclaims:

“I hate PoliSci.”

And away from that all,
wisdom from the Sky:
that people matter more.
To live with those I love…
lucky! They love me back!
All love and happiness and warmth displayed.

Husker Hall.

At least Younghusband is having fun at the Canadian War College.

One thought on “One Great Program! (I Hate PoliSci)”

  1. Well, he's studying how to spy on foreign governments and kill people while still appearing Canadian.

    Not an easy trick to pull off you know…

    Take a deep breath, there are bigger fools running around academia than BC – I know, having argued with more than a few of them

  2. Just posted the following at your:
    Group Polarization in Colleges and Universities

    How about some of our brilliant alum and parents
    filing law suits using Civil Rights law.

    We could work our way up to Affirmative Action!

    Now wouldn't that be a hoot!

    Think problem is that conservatives are so against
    how the Civil Rights laws have been misused they do
    not want to dirty hands with them.

    But what better way to kill two birds with one stone.
    Just turn their tactics back on them.

    Isn't that of the “Art of War”?

    Posted by: larwyn | Friday, October 21, 2005

    It belongs here also as your lament is due to the
    manifestation of the prior post.


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