Map of Turkic Alphabets

Written Turkic,” by Curzon, Coming Anarchy, 26 October 2005,

Curzon from ComingAnarchy presents a beautiful map on the three-way split in how Turkic languages are written

Latin in the West, Cyrillic in the Center, Arabic in the East

Local expert Nathan gives his own view

And not just Cyrillic, but very different Cyrillic alphabets. I can kind of get written Kyrgyz and Kazakh, but I’m not entirely sure what sounds the vowels make.

On the map, I’d at least put Uzbekistan as a mix of blue and green. Even when I was there, Latin signs were fairly common and like I said, some kids couldn’t read Cyrillic.

Dari’s written in Arabic script. Tajik, however, is written in Cyrillic (but I think they’re supposed to be switching to Latin).

Beautiful cartography. Check it out

2 thoughts on “Map of Turkic Alphabets”

  1. Curzon,

    I remember being delighted when I read that Orscon Scott Card and I shared (share?) a hobby: drawing imaginary continents, populating them with countries, rivers, mountains, wars, etc. I used to do that all the time, though I still sometimes do if I am bored or listless. For that matter, when I got Sim City 2000 I spent almost all of my time at first in the “Urban Renewel Kid,” expressing myself through free-play city building.

    Cartography is a blast… and that was T.E. Lawrence's job too! Wot wot!

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