Blogospheric Saturday

Bill from Dawn’s Early Light looks at Japan’s Asia strategy (twice). He also links the beautiful blog and Westphalian religious peace while trying to send Bill Roggio to Iraq.

Chirol and Curzon from Coming Anarchy looks at Iran’s Threatened Destruction of Israel – er, make that Iran’s Eternal Peace with Israel. Overlaps with Iran treating Syria like a pimp treats an old whore..

Josh from One Free Korea notes that the Uri (Our Open Party) -dominated South Korean government leaked the personal information of thousands of defectors. No wonder Hillary Clinton is upset. Happily, Uri was bitch-slapped while North Koreans still risk their lives for freedom.

Mark from ZenPundit looks at a lot of smart stuff, including America’s relationship to China, America’s relationship to France, good blog reading. Don’t forget a 5GW post from Small Wars Journal with a response from Caerdroia… these led me to dream about pedophilia laws.

Some good posts at tdaxp too: King Solomon and blogospheric redundancy, Clausewitzian insurgents, and Republican leader intenet attacks.