The People’s Republic of China v. tdaxp

Well, it happened. No sooner had the brave little blog tdaxp cricized President Bush

Bush: Not Always a Friend of tdaxp

… than the Texan used his ChiCom neocon cronies to censor tdaxp:

tdaxp is being blockaded by “cyber-safety software” in the People’s Republic of China!

What’s next — a ChiCom knock-off — tPRCxp?

Red tdaxp Rising?

Therefore, I have no choice but to defect to the paleocons and advocate the dismemberment of China The Han Tyranny:

The Han Tyranny, and her Colonies
Free East Turkestan!
Free Inner Mongolia!
Free Tibet!

Update: Perhaps “The Han Tyranny” is too kind a word — perhaps I meant The Cruel Empire of the Tsan-Chan!:

There was a mind from the planet we know as Venus, which would live incalculable epochs to come, and one from an outer moon of Jupiter six million years in the past. Of earthly minds there were some from the winged, starheaded, half-vegetable race of palaeogean Antarctica; one from the reptile people of fabled Valusia; three from the furry pre-human Hyperborean worshippers of Tsathoggua; one from the wholly abominable Tcho-Tchos; two from the arachnid denizens of earth’s last age; five from the hardy coleopterous species immediately following mankind, to which the Great Race was some day to transfer its keenest minds en masse in the face of horrible peril; and several from different branches of humanity.

I talked with the mind of Yiang-Li, a philosopher from the cruel empire of Tsan-Chan, which is to come in 5,000 A.D.; with that of a general of the greatheaded brown people who held South Africa in 50,000 B.C.; with that of a twelfth-century Florentine monk named Bartolomeo Corsi; with that of a king of Lomar who had ruled that terrible polar land one hundred thousand years before the squat, yellow Inutos came from the west to engulf it.

I talked with the mind of Nug-Soth, a magician of the dark conquerors of 16,000 A.D.; with that of a Roman named Titus Sempronius Blaesus, who had been a quaestor in Sulla’s time; with that of Khephnes, an Egyptian of the 14th Dynasty, who told me the hideous secret of Nyarlathotep, with that of a priest of Atlantis’ middle kingdom; with that of a Suffolk gentleman of Cromwell’s day, James Woodville; with that of a court astronomer of pre-Inca Peru; with that of the Australian physicist Nevil Kingston-Brown, who will die in 2,518 A.D.; with that of an archimage of vanished Yhe in the Pacific; with that of Theodotides, a Greco-Bactrian official Of 200 B.C.; with that of an aged Frenchman of Louis XIII’s time named Pierre-Louis Montagny; with that of Crom-Ya, a Cimmerian chieftain of 15,000 B.C.; and with so many others that my brain cannot hold the shocking secrets and dizzying marvels I learned from them.

The Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft (courtesy of the Lovecraft Timeline).

End Of Daily Savings Blogospheric Links

I’m currently reading Dr. Barnett’s Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating and finishing up a literature review. While Mark’s got that done already and has moved on to other books, some of us are slower… So expect light blogging for the next few days. In the meantime…

End Of Daily Savings Blogospheric Links

Marc Shulman’s American Future looks at British moral weakness, (perhaps self-hate?), Andrew Sullivan‘s Iraq War jubilation, and the New York Times acting like the State Department (they’ve done this before).

Simon notes that Chinese Communists weren’t that kind to Korean War POWs. At least they are now vowing to crush the Maoists. Also some fear-mongering about a Chinese economic crash I criticized elsewhere.

TavoLoco, who along with Stuart Berman has been active in tdaxp‘s “Acquiring Network Address” thread, expands his GeoCities presence.

Slashdot links to Forbes‘ attack on blog swarming (hat-tip to Boing Boing, Zombie attacks (a type of net attack, like Hastert’s), as well as the most ignorant criticism of Creationism I have ever heard: “Among the most significant forces is the rising tide of anti-science sentiment that seems to have its nucleus in Washington but which extends throughout the nation”. (Creationism is a mass movement, not one of the political elite). I have done some work in evolutionary science, by the way.

MyDD continues the netroot response to Beinart’s A Fighting Faith. Somewhat relatedly, Daily Kos celebrates Bill Clinton’s “fight or find something else to do” comment, and misses the point completely. It’s about ideas.