Censored by NationMaster in Retaliation for a Negative Review

What do radical Islamists, Communist China, and NationMaster have in common?

All three want tdaxp to shut up

For now, I don’t know what to do. The negative review Mr. Steinmetz complained about — that he falsely accused of defaming his company — is down. He never mentiond anything wrong with the second and third posts, and he even said that the person I criticized in them (Viswa Priya) no longe works for the company.

Suggestions? Help? Ideas.

For now I have started to allow me to keep track of all this without clogging up the tdaxp main page, but I am searching for something better than caving into the hostile “content managers” and staff at NatMast.

has a record of such thuggishness, and I do not feel comforatble with censoring this blog after the vaguest threat of “lawyers.” , , and are too important for that… I hope.

3 thoughts on “Censored by NationMaster in Retaliation for a Negative Review”

  1. Dan,

    You are getting squeezed by a party that doesn't have a case, but is use to using “bigfoot” legal letters to get their way and keep their money.

    After going over all of the letters I don't believe they have a case, other than to attempt you into an expensive legal situation.

    I am forwarding by email to you a referal to an attorney and friend of mine who has helped me with a somewhat similar internet related issue.

    Kind regards,

    Bill Rice

  2. Ditto to Bill — NationMaster is about to be hit with the unfortunate reality that movie reviews, book reviews, and website reviews are covered by the First Amendment.

    The “Kabuki”:http://www.mutantfrog.com/2005/10/12/kabuki-update/ dance of emails was intereting — I would have taken it down and grabbed the money. It read as a battle of wits/nerves, and he just gave up and blew his top (after both of you were dancing around and talking about being “polite”). I would have just been up front — give me the cash and I'll take it down.

    These guys are going to waste a lot of money on their lawyers… if they actually bother. And while you're at it, please restore that post! I want to read what was so bad about them!

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