In the Eyes of a Child

In the Eyes of a Child,” by JP, Japundit, 4 August 2005,

Eyes of a Child,” by JP, Japundit, 2 November 2005,

This was covered earlier, but it deserves front-page treatment. The flash animation is particularly beautiful.


Japundit contributor Danny Bloom has recently published a Japanese edition of inspirational message book In the Eyes of a Child, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again, with longtime Japan resident Amy Chavez as the publisher with her Dollar Bookstore website.

The new edition is in English and Japanese, wonderfully translated by Mitsuko Ebihara in Tokyo, and it comes in the format of a deck of 52 bilingual cards that can be used for learning English at home or in the classroom.

The book sells for just one American dollar, and orders can be placed over the Internet using PayPal. The intended target audience for the Japanese edition is Japanese learners of English, but native English speakers can also enjoy the inspirational message it contains. Danny says the book has been translated so far into Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and he is hoping to publish 25 translations online eventually.

Watch the flash or buy the new edition.

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