NatonMaster Folds (Kind of….)

has refunded most of my money.

The legal beagles at get it next:


They even sent me a nice confirmation email

Hi friend of digital freedom [tdaxp comment: 🙂 ],

Your thoughtful gift today of $65.00 means a world of difference to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and our ability to defend digital freedom.

On behalf of our Board, staff and volunteers, thank you for your contribution and for helping to protect digital freedom.

PS: I will send you an acknowledgment letter to the mailing address listed below. Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. Our tax ID number is 04-3091431. EFF respects the confidentiality of its supporters and we do not lend, rent or sell our lists of donors at any time. No goods or services were provided in consideration of this contribution.

What I like best about EFF emails is that they do not accuse me of defamation!

(Well, that and I can a tax-deductible t-shirt!)

Sadly, the most recent email from NationMaster isn’t so kind. Our friend Mr. Steinmetz sent me another email, to which I replied. Two big things stand out

  1. He asked me to post his email. I was kind enough to do so, and I posted my reply. But I have never disabled comments for any post, and whenever there has been a problem commenting I have helped someone to do so. As I’ve yet to take down death threats, I assure Mr. Steinmetz that his participation in the online community would be appreciated
  2. His email’s full of untruths. I won’t call them lies, because a malicious lazy incompetence seems more likely. To pick out just one

    We find it disappointing but also telling that you never raised an issue with the PayPal resolution centre, which is the normal route PayPal users take when they have a dispute with a seller.

Now, that’s odd. Oh, wait:

The Buyer Complaint Policy only applies to payments for tangible, physical goods which can be shipped, and excludes all other payments, including but not limited to payments for intangibles, for services or for licenses and other access to digital content.

I could belabor my conversation with PayPal, my conversation with my credit card company, but if Mr. Steinmetz‘s can’t keep his online business straight, I don’t see the point. I’m not going to raise his other points. If you are curious about them, you can email me. His contentions don’t deserve the blog-space.

Or he can leave a comment.

Nor will I humorously mention that the payment processor protection NationMaster ignored/didn’t know about/lied about/whatever was designed to protect certain soft-core pornography distributors: for example, this girl (a market under constant attack from See Lai and occasionally other, more prestigious blogs 😉 ).

Nor will I join NationMaster Scam in its libel:

NationMaster refunded TDAXP, but refuse to apologize for anti-Semitic remarks they may have made to him. They have not removed WikiPedia’s content, however.

Nor write something actually scandalous, such as

NationMaster traffics in white slavery

Because that’d just be untrue. Much like ‘s letter.

NationMaster Enslaves College Girls To Perform on Adult Web Sites: NOT TRUE

Note that I am unable to repudiate made-up allegations that NationMaster regularly enslaves mongoloids, negroids, and the mixed. But I fear the worst

Does NationMaster Enslave Japanese Girls And Bind Them To Trees

More importantly, the latest email from did not promise to call off the lawyers, did not apologize for calling a negative refer of defamation, or even fully refund my money (but why quibble)?

Which brings me back to the . It made the need for legal protection for free speech personal to me. Which is why I gave the money over to the EFF:

Blogging: For Freedom’s Sake

Because they stand-up to legal persecution of free speech. And international sex traffickers like NationMaster.

3 thoughts on “NatonMaster Folds (Kind of….)”

  1. CONGRATS! (And dare I say it, I told you so!)

    All you need now is to get that jihad lifted and the Communist Party to fall from power in China — then all you’re blogging problems will be solved! 😉

  2. The fearless freedom fighter declares:

    There is no God but God, and tdaxp is the Seal of the Blogs!

    Thus always to NationMaster! To the Chinese Communist Party! To the pseudoislamist idolator hoards!

    Thanks to everyone for their help!!!!!

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