The Seal of the Linklets

The fearless freedom fighter declares:

There is no God but God, and tdaxp is the Seal of the Blogs!

Thus always to NationMaster! To the Chinese Communist Party! To the pseudoislamist idolator hoards!

Thanks to everyone for their help!!!!!
Dan Abu Td’axp al-Iksperiyenciyya, on the Capitulation of NationMaster

Having survived blogspirit-wide downtime, the feared freedom fighter is quite pleased.

Guest blogger Aaron criticized IRS investigation on church-state co-mingling and helped out with the brouhaha by founding NationMaster Scam.

akaDruid of The Druid stands up to . He’s now on the NationMaster Watch blogroll.

Jeff of Caerdroia and myself debate Kansas’s new science requirements. They’re online, by the way. Meanwhile, Mark has the epic series on globalization and war, while Curtis finds bloggers in Monty Python.

A 2nd Lt in the Army Reserve Officer Trainer Core appreciates pro-soldiers letters to the editor of the Daily Nebraskan.

Chirol looks at the French riots from a Barnettian perspective. So does Barnett. Josh notes that Congress is standing up to physical abuse by a North Korean diplomat. Bill summarizes Africa, Britain, Iraq, and the Pacific.