The Unexpected Popularity of tdaxp

A day after some very kind words by Mark Safranski, where he reveals that Truth Laid Bear ranks tdaxp as the 999th top blog in the universe, tdaxp gets another kind nod: multiple inclusion on the Chuquet flickr Wall


The creator’s blog describes the wall:

I added some eye candy to yesterday: the flickr wall. It shows the top 100 flickr images that occur most frequently in popular blog post. The images are served in the ‘square’ format, so you get a Marshall McLuhanesque patchwork quilt of stuff.

I’m not sure how or why tdaxp‘s articles were included, or what’s with the semi-random ordering, or what this means, but it makes me happy. 🙂

Along with stories by other bloggers, Chuquet links to


One thought on “The Unexpected Popularity of tdaxp”

  1. I wrote (am writing) chuquet, but even I don't know what's going to pop up. It's really a question of what's popular and who links to what, but it's always interesting to see what gets thrown up each time.

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