The Leaning Zip Feeds Tower of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

In 1956, my home-city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota became the pride of the world: The Zip Feeds corporation build the world’s most modern feed mill in our town!!!


To quote the Argus Leader

An advanced electronic control system allowed one operator to move feed ingredients from trucks to one of 52 bins in the building. The feed was mixed in four-ton batches and bagged using the control system.

The advanced system also allowed the workers to mix different feeds. This was something most mills weren’t able to do at the time.

However, the mill has long sat unused. Compared to thriving Downtown Sioux Falls (1) or Falls Park (2), the Zip Feeds mill (3) used a lot of riverside land without contributing too much:


Naturally, we tried to blow it up in


The Zip Feeds Mill thundered mightily:


And leaned frightfully:


And kind of just sat there:


In summary:


(It didn’t fall)

They’ll start with the wrecking ball on Monday.

All photographs are courtesy of the Argus Leader, who also made a movie of the attempted demolition available. Fox News and Reuters are also on the ball. Map courtesy of Google Earth.

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Update: Also check out my photoseries of the twilight of Zip, or this flickr set

One thought on “The Leaning Zip Feeds Tower of Sioux Falls, South Dakota”

  1. dz,

    You are refering to the theory that World Trade Center 7 was a controlled demolition, and not the result of the planes hitting the other WTC buildings on 9/11/01. It is one of several 9/11 conspiracy theories [1]

    I have written about conspiracy warfare, and provided an example of what it could look like, before [2], so honest concerns should not be just dismissed. However, I don't believe that the facts warrant a conspiracy.

    It is my understanding that buildings in high-density areas are specially designed to collapse vertically, to minimize further destruction. Further, the Twin Towers fell because of the great heat caused by the burning of office materials. So the fact that there wasn't jet fuel in WTC7 doesn't mean that much, if fire reached it. And as WTC7 may have been bombarded by burning shrapnel, that does seem reasonable.

    In many ways, the 9/11 theories seem like the “white” version of the “black” conspiracy theories about the bombing of levies in New Orleans. It is interesting to see how theories circulate in different communities in America.



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