Department of Homeland Security Bitchslaps Sony Records

DHS Official Weighs In on Sony,” by Brian Krebs, Security Fix, 11 November 2005, (from Instapundit, also at Avery Parker, False Positives, Griff John, Groovy Soup, Life on the Wicked Stage, Martin McKeay, PC Doctor, Rare Patterns, and Steve’s Stuff

While discussing my legal troubles with , I mentioned that Sony-BMG purposefully and knowingly hacked the computers of people who bought their CDs. Consumers weren’t the only ones outraged…


Glenn Reynolds noted that the Assistant Secretary for Policy is upset, too:

“I wanted to raise one point of caution as we go forward, because we are also responsible for maintaining the security of the information infrastructure of the United States and making sure peoples’ [and] businesses’ computers are secure. … There’s been a lot of publicity recently about tactics used in pursuing protection for music and DVD CDs in which questions have been raised about whether the protection measures install hidden files on peoples’ computers that even the system administrators can’t find.”

In a remark clearly aimed directly at Sony and other labels, Stewart continued: “It’s very important to remember that it’s your intellectual property — it’s not your computer. And in the pursuit of protection of intellectual property, it’s important not to defeat or undermine the security measures that people need to adopt in these days.

To make it better, Sony-BMG didn’t just weaken America against terrorists… but also the bird flu!

If we have an avian flu outbreak here and it is even half as bad as the 1918 flu, we will be enormously dependent on being able to get remote access for a large number of people, and keeping the infrastructure functioning is going to be a matter of life and death and we take it very seriously.”

It wouldn’t take a SecretWar for a conspiracy to hurt the United States — only powerful corrupt greed and negligence. I’ve written before on software like war. And Dr. once linked to a tdaxp post on network attacks.

This may be the best thing the DHS has ever done. Mad props to Homeland Security! Shout-out to the de-part-ment!