Media Roundup

Hotel Rwanda, courtesy Amir Ezati

I watched tonight. A very good movie — think The Killing Fields, but set in 1990s Africa. Rent it from GreenCine, buy it from Amazon, or read what Curzon thinks.

Mark of ZenPundit notes that Dr. Chet Richards has an interesting, short, new brief. Read it, Dr. Richard’s thoughts on 4GW, an excerpt from Dr. Richards’ new book, or the first review. Here’s a flavor from the review: John White, a former deputy secretary of defense under Bill Clinton and now a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, said he “can’t relate” to Richards’ theories..

(This isn’t the first time academics haven’t recognized a horizontal thinker.)

TM Lutas of Flit(tm) had some interesting comments on American weakness, liberal institutionalism, and Japanese imperialism.

Federalist X of Amendment Nine charts the decline of the American Republic.

A student sent me this survey to find out what Iraqi political party is for you, courtesy of Iraq the Model. My three results: The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Islamic Dawa Party.

For Allah and an Independent Kurdistan!

(Take the test.)

Maybe my SCIRI-PUK-Dawa sympathies will help be in the coming juggling