A Blizzard of Charts and Diagrams

It’s busy here in South Dakota. A lot of friends, including myself, have converged on our home state. Today I’m doing a lot of driving in windy snow, which won’t be fun, but it will be worth it. So instead of a normal post, I present links to three presentations

First, Michael Crichton criticizes hubris and panic (hat-tip to Larwyn).


A great presentation with ample notes covers the Club of Rome simulations, environmentalist-lead destruction of the ecosystem in Yellowstone, the neuromechanics of crustaceans, and climate change.

Second, A Mentsh Trakht (who I found via John Derbyshire links to Why you should continue to date me: a series of charts and graphs by Joel A. Friesen.


Sadly, Joel’s powerpoints did not the cold heart melt.

Last, a blast from the past:

Sheik of Jesus

tdaxp-reader PKA’s parody of my love of charts and diagrams.

Update: The Omaha Airport has wireless, so time for a quick note: Chrichton’s analysis reminded me a lot of my post on The Magic Cloud