Democratic Underground features tdaxp!

I’ve criticized Democratic Underground before, but mad props to DU for shouting-out tdaxp!


Some comments on the tdaxp article “4GPS1 v 4GPS2 (Netroots Think 4GPS1 Is More Important)

karynnj (1000+ posts) says:

It puts into very elegant form what many hear have argued about Kos. The most serious thing is that it’s likely not just Kerry. Kos will likely continue doing this. It’s interesting that the analysis posits that Kerry’s positions expand the party, Kos’s will continually shrink it to get to the perfectly pure people they agree with.

whometense (1000+ posts) says:

His technical political terminology slowed me down a bit, but I find his diagrams fascinating. It’s the first thing I’ve read (though probably there’s a lot out there that political scientists are aware of) that demonstrates the lefty freeper phenomenon in a scientific way.

beachmom (749 posts) says:

That diagram is disheartening, isn’t it? The media hasn’t really picked up on this too much, so hopefully nobody will know how bad the underbelly of our rank and file has gotten . . .

globalvillage (1000+ posts) says:

I can’t decide if the writer is correct, that kos and his ilk are intentionally subverting liberals and moderate Dems for some narrow ideological purpose, or if his ego is just so massive that he can’t stand to be wrong (bush* syndrome)and lashes out in response like a child having a tantrum. Whatever his motivation, this absolutely describes the result.
But the diagrams are particularly fascinating. Like someone snapped a photo of the left and the freepers, pixellated it and blew the dots up really big. That one with the big X through is is scary.

The diagram that got so much attention.


Read the tdaxp original, or the Democratic Underground reaction.

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