The Virtual Department of the MISCellaneous and the End of Multicultural States

Great review of Paul Bremer’s book,” by Thomas Barnettt, Thomas P.M Barnett :: Weblog, 14 January 2006,

L. Paul Bremer’s new book on Iraq has an important lesson:


Want to avoid another Iraq? Embrace our weaknesses and the failure of states. Build a Military-Industrial-SysAdmin-Complex.

Looking at a Wall Street Journal review of the new book, Dr. Barnett writes:

In short, Bremer didn’t understand his role then and still doesn’t today. We lack this kind of postwar talent on the civilian side, and it cost us dearly in Iraq.

This is why I call for a Department of Everything Else, not just some tiny office tacked on to State.

My one gripe with Pollack is the notion that the quick disbanding of the Iraqi army was necessary to get buy-in from Shiites and Kurds. But this is a highly debatable point. Me, I would assume an insurgency of loyalists is always in the cards, so be prepared to beat back that danger first and risk the civil war-like split with other groups in the meantime(and there are always persecuted minority/majority groups like this in this pretend colonial states created by the Europeans decades ago–that the was the entire design purpose!) because, as we learned here, if the insurgency grows big enough, they can trigger that civil war on their own anyway by forcing your counter-insurgency toward solution sets that raise that danger.

Dr. Barnett shows the need for a Virtual Department of the MISCellaneous. The MISC will include free companies and also loyalty militias.

We need a Virtual Department of the MISCellaneous. I have already described the requirement for a Military-Industrial-SysAdmin-Complex (MISC). Later, I synthesized this with Dr. Barnett’s desire for a Virtual Department of Everything Else

In practice, this means that we must realize that nation-building is hard. We need to leverage everything we can to create new states. Private military companies and ethnic militias are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

In Iraq, we went in without a functioning Military-Industrial-SysAdmin-Complex. We didn’t have the private military companies with flux capacity to pacify areas without out big-war troops being put on the line. We didn’t have the ethnic militias which new that if they went along with us, we would dismember the false imperialistic state of Iraq and allow them to build the nation-states of their dreams. We didn’t have this Virtual Department of the MISCelleaneous — this Visual Department of Everything Else — and the ongoing inability to pacify Iraq is a direct result of this.

At least the Kurds have had enough. And the Shia, too. Iraq will fall apart anyway. If we would have embraced this fact, instead of fighting it, the Global War on Terrorism would be going much better.

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