Two New Blogs: Catholicgauze and Sparkplugged

I’m please to add two blogs to the tdaxp blogroll: Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze!: A blog on Geography, geographic thought, and cool geography links! and Sparkplugged: Asian Pop Entertainment and More. I’ll let them both introduce themselves in the comment section if they wish, but both blogs are worth checking out. Sparkplugged dates from December, and Catholicgauze from this month, meaning that both have a shot for Best New Blog 2007! Good luck!

Catholicgauze best posts

Vichy France Flag
Axis France

Sparkplugged best posts

Blog Promotion Woman
Chairwoman of the Blog Promotion Committee


One thought on “Two New Blogs: Catholicgauze and Sparkplugged”

  1. I hope to be the blog of 2006. If it is 2007 I'm half way done with my project.

    Also, is it bad if I think the URL in the Japanese picture is insulting me?

  2. “is it bad if I think the URL in the Japanese picture is insulting me?”

    1st Reaction: There's a URL in that photo?
    2nd Reaction: There's anything other than a girl in that photo?
    3rd Reaction (after visiting blogfukyu): BEST INTRO VIDEO EVER


  3. Thanks a bunch for the recognition. It's greatly appreciated! And yes, the background in that picture has made quite a buzz among us English speakers, haha. Dan's list of reactions are exactly mine. ^^

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