de Blij v. Parker, Part II: Climate Change

Mark Safranski of ZenPundit declared de Blij the winner in the first part of our de Blij v. Parker death-match on the cores of the world.

Next up is climate change:


Who will win this round?

Answer: de Blij, by default.

While Parker teases with a map that appears to promise a discussion on the role of ice formations on human settlement:


It’s really nothing more than a map of the Global North — an environmentally determinist version of Barnett’s “Global Core.” Indeed it is immediately followed by a map of the G77 nations


which is actually a pretty good proxy for Barnett’s Global Gap.

By contrast, de Blij uses a similar-looking ice map:


but expands on it with charts of short-term, medium-term, and long-term climate change:


de Blij also describes climate change’s effects of primate and human migrations



Interested on de Blij’s view on climate chage? Check out Catholicgauze’s summary of his speech.

The Score So Far
HJ de Blij’s Why Geography Matters: 2
Geoffrey Parker’s Geopolitics: 0