Blogspirit’s Comments Are Finally Up Again

My blog hosting service, blogspirit, is odd. It is in many ways the friendliest blog-hosting service available, and gives its bloggers a lot of very easy tools to make neat blogs. That’s why I host tdaxp, Junk Politics, and NationMaster Watch here.

But Blogspirit’s actions are often insensitive to the point of stupid.

In what (I guess) is an effort to stop comment spam, Blogspirit has turned of all comments on all blogs, without telling anyone, for an indeterminate about of time.

I just noticed this because I wanted to respond to Eddie’s fine comment. I’ll keep trying, and update this post (and the title) when comments seem to be back up.

Update 3:49 PM: Comments still down. Blogspirit’s previous anti-tdaxp “fixes”

Update Friday Morning: Finally working.

One thought on “Blogspirit’s Comments Are Finally Up Again”

  1. I came accross your blog through technoblog. I am looking around for a new blog hosting service.

    Mine doesn't alow translation and i would like to reach english speaking readers

    I was thinking about blogspirit but if you are complaining then i don't know how to make a decision.

    Could you assure me this kind of problem is not constant and regular.

  2. While I have a number of complaints against Blogspirit, the company is French, so I suspect they take internationalization more seriously than any American company.

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