Anti-Anarchy, Pro-tdaxp Violence Spreads…

It all started with the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, working with the hate-mongers at Coming Anarchy, published the racist, demeaning, and offensive cartoons that insulted the Seal of the Blogs, tdaxp


Since then there has been no peace.

The millions declare: in tdaxp we trust!

From Indonesia, youths promise to behead those who insult tdaxp:


From Africa, the common people remind themselves that tdaxp will dominate


From Europe, Muslims pledge their lives and honor to defend tdaxp:


And from the Arab countries, a simple message: “If you stand against tdaxp, you sure we will crush you.”


Indeed, and from space, a declaration from the Galactic League


All Your Base Are Belong to tdaxp

Why the pro-tdaxp violence? Because tdaxp is a feared mujahid who forever vanquished the spider queen. And links to Photoshop Phriday.