Blogspirit Now Worse Than Ever

I’ve had my problems with ‘s so-so service before. They suffered DDOS attacks without notifying bloggers in a timely manner. Gravatars never worked. Comments and templates have been broken. The support blog is a joke, as is the pay-based help center.

I wrote a ticket because of massive trackback spam that blogspirit lets through, even when I turn off trackbacks on old posts, and the next day I find that the problem is now worse then ever.

  • The support ticket I had is now gone. Not just “closed.” But gone, with no record.
  • I am no longer getting notification of new comments.
  • All of my posts are signed by “Aaron,” even though I am writing them under my login name
  • I’m still getting trackbrack spam
  • Real trackbacks, like from Coming Anarchy, don’t get through.

For the mean-time I’ve turned off guest authoring, delete the spam trackbacks manually, and boil in my own anger.

Oh well. At least I’m now down for days, or hacked. But I have lost comments.

3 thoughts on “Blogspirit Now Worse Than Ever”

  1. I've sent a few trackbacks in the last couple of months, but assumed something was broken — or that I was persona non grata! — when they did not show up.

    Your frustration reminds me of my medievalist days, when I was on Blogger. For me, the solution was Movable Type, although I've seriously considered switching to WordPress.

  2. Come on, don't be a cheap ass and pay for your own hosting. The babes will only get you so far in your preemptive police action against CA. 😉

    And was that why my Trackback to your original post on CA mysteriously disappeared?

  3. Amazing comments for a post complaining against a blogging company! Wow!

    Curzon, WordPress can be beautiful, as shown by Coming Anarchy. Indeed, I'd love to have a Sioux Falls-themed WP blog similar to what Younghusband did for Coming Anarchy. Bu I already have more on my plate than I can take – I still have to update the Jim River Report [1], which just requires a few minutes with a text editor and ssh.

    Plus, blogspirit uses smarty templates [2], which WP doesn't.

    Chirol, believe this is the end of operations at your peril… 😉

    Curtis, from what I have heard, blogger is far suckier than blogspirit. Indeed, blogger's original complete lack of trackbacks is one reason I chose blogspirit in the first place! That, and the nifty comment-bar on the right…

    Kelvin, I have a good hosting provider who powers JRR. It's much more matter of time than money. If it was a year ago, when I had much more time as an adjunct college instructor (and wasn't quite so burned out from my thesis!), tdaxp would be free of blogspirit. But when blogspirit works it's beautiful, the smarty template engine is easy, and the default theme is snappy!

    Curtis and Kelvin, apologies for the broken trackbacks. None have been deleted intentionally. I don't know if some are getting through for a time and being automatically deleted, or I fail to see a “valid' trackback among the pages of spam, etc. I enjoy your blogs [3] [4], and value you as readers and commentators. I hope someone from blogspirit reads this thread, and sees how its poor service may be deterring people from linking to blogspirit blogs.

    Indeed, Larry, indeed. Perhaps one day there will be an International Committee of the Red Blog (ICRB) to alleviate the suffering of bloggers everywhere…


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