Muhammed Emoticons and Smileys (Yahoo’s Bans the letters "Allah")

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry Handles,” by John Oates, The Register, 20 February 2006, (from Slashdot).

2nd Russian Paper Shut in Cartoon Furor,” by Steven Myers, New York Times, 21 February 2006,!Q3BQ5EQ5BbveQ5BRbQ5E@Q5BRmQ3Bv1e@VvQ3BQ2B!e1ggQ5ERiQ24bdm.

Yahoo has joined the dhimmis and refuses to allow screen-names with “allah” in them. tdaxp‘s dream of having a screen-name that references the death threats I’ve received from Islamic militants thus ends:

As Howard Dean says, “Inshallah” — banned by Yahoo!

So tdaxp, must respond!

Not only are other phrases with “allah’ banned

Worshippers of Allah Threatened My Life — banned by Yahoo!
Syrian Catholics Worship Allah Too — banned by Yahoo!

So are proper names — enraging even more partially-Irish-descendant tdaxp

Mickey O’Callahan — banned by Yahoo!

(Of course, other references to the Diety are allowed by Yahoo

Jesus Christ God Jehova — (not) banned by Yahoo!


Meanwhile, anti-speech extremism spreads to Russia, where Vladimir Putin is arrested journalists who print the Mohammed cartoons

The owner, Mikhail M. Smirnov, said he decided on his own to close the newspaper on Friday, even as the prosecutor general’s office announced it would bring criminal charges against the paper’s editor, Anna V. Smirnova.
Ms. Smirnova, who is also the owner’s wife, faced charges of inciting religious animosity, a crime punishable by a maximum sentence of two to four years in prison

The actions of Yahoo and the Russians are much worse than Google’s restricted entry into China. While censuring its results opens the door to Chinese readers a little, the likes of Yahoo and Russia are attacking away from those who formerly had it.

How should one respond?

In that spirit…

Mohammed Emoticons

Muhammad (((:~{>

Muhammad playing Little Orphan Annie

Muhammad as a pirate

Muhammad on a bad turban day

Muhammad with sand in his eye

Muhammad wearing sunglasses

Muhammad giving the raspberry.

Giving Muhammad the raspberry.

Muhammad with a bomb in his turban:

Mohammed on a *really* bad turban day.

Muhammad sees a Danish cartoonist

Muhammad turns Christian

Muhammad imitates Charles Manson

Muhammad wears his Johnny Carson “Great Carsoni” turban

Muhammad after going quail hunting with Dick Cheney

Saudi Arabian/oil sheik version of Muhammad

Muhammad wearing his personalized designer turban

Muhammad wearing his “elevator” turban

Osama bin Laden dressed up as Muhammad on Halloween

Osama bin Laden dressed up as Muhammad on Halloween with an improvised explosive
device in his turban

Muhammad is not pleased with Muhammad emoticons

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