Catholicgauze in Directions Magazine

The View from Here,” by Adena Schutzberg, Directions Magazine, 15 March 2006, (from Catholicgauze).

A quick word of congratulations as tdaxp-alum Catholicgauze is referenced in a Directions Magazine editorial

Another reviewer noted two excellent papers from folks at West Point. The titles exude relevance: “A Geographical Analysis of Ungoverned Spaces” and “The Future of NATO and the EU.” The writer seemed embarrassed to note the rudeness of many attendees (ringing cell phones, coming and going during papers, etc.).

I’m still quite proud of tdaxp‘s appearance on Slate, so I know how Catholicgauze feels. Directions Magazine is a publication in the geographic community, so I’m sure Catholicgauze is double-plus-proud.


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