Recently, Mark from ZenPundit linked to some travelogues by our mutual blogfriends at Coming Anarchy. From the Balkans, to Iran, Syria, and Turkey (twice), there’s no where that those Victorians haven’t gone. So out of envy of them or love of her (hint: love of her), this May I will be joining Lady of tdaxp in visiting her hometown of Beijing, China.


Staying in more urban environs than Younghusband in East Turkestan, I will spread knowledge of tdaxp-the-Man in a nation where tdaxp-the-blog is banned.

My trip will begin in early May, shortly after my classes in Adolescence, Creativity, and Methods end, and extend till early June.

Commentator Mike has taken photos of many beautiful parts of Beijing and China, including Peking University. What else should I see? And how will I be able to update my blog in a land where blogspirit is banned?