Classic tdaxp

tdaxp posts from 2005 are popping up all over the web today. Maybe it’s time for a retro blog?


Over at myspace, Briana likes the mahna mahna song.

Curtis Gale Weeks at Phatic Communion links to my series on Jesusism-Paulism.

The epinomous Purpleslog likes Premodern Warfare and 5th Generation Warfare.

Live from the FDNF links to tdaxp-alum Catholicgauze, and describes this blog as:

Home of “Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud” and other fascinating, stimulating viewpoints. Informed observers note a Corona is often required after reading

Sonny, fresh from a promotion (congrats!), seconds the thought:

I found it extra funny because “Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud” was the first TDAXP post I read, after Mark from Zenpundit posted it about it. The post starts like this:

This post is headlined “Globalization is Water,” but of those three words “is” is the most important.

And it pretty much goes downhill from there, or uphill depending on your state of mind. I did need a Corona after I was done, though. “Globalization Is Water- The Magic Cloud” is a modern classic.

I’ve slacking on commenting on TDAXP. I am just waiting for another OODA, PISSR, or Asian women post to comment fruitfully.

And, while it’s not quite 2005 material, Bob Waters, Catholicgauze, and I are discussing Lutheranism and Catholicism off a post from January 2006.