Gap Sex Caboose Breaking

I’m in the middle of a mind-melting project, so no time for a coherent blog post. Instead, I’ll vaguely fulminate against Jessee Jackson, Gap sex caboose breaking, and sexism. If you want a coherent application of PNM Theory to domestic politics, read Chirol. If you want a good summary of the Lacrosse incident, read . Else, read on.


Rev. Jesse Jackson, Founder and President Rainbow/Push Coalition, has announced his organization will pay the Duke scandal accuser’s tuition regardless of whether she’s telling the truth or not about being raped.

Too bad Elisabet Sunde wasn’t black. Then she would at least have
help paying for her lawyer.

Of course, if Elisabet Sunde was black, her name might have been Crystal Gale Mangum.

Regardless of the criminal‘s name, but it Janette Rivers, , or something else entirely, this case reminds me of an Oriental Sex Party.

Seriously. The washed up hack‘s presence should remind us that we have left the world of fact and entered the world of Race.

Similar hysteria was seen in China in a case that gave two men life sentences for soliciting a prostitute. As the AP reported:

A Chinese court sentenced a hotel worker and a prostitute to life in prison on Wednesday for organizing a three-day sex party for Japanese tourists – a case that outraged Chinese and reignited anger over Japan’s wartime conduct.

Its final day fell on Sept. 18, the anniversary of a Japanese attack in 1931 on a city in China’s northeast that Chinese regard as the start of World War II. The timing, which appeared to be coincidental, angered Chinese, many of whom believe Japan hasn’t atoned for wartime brutality, including mass rapes.

For that matter, remember Jewish Sex Gum?

The Chinese, Duke, and Arab incidents are symbolic, because they show a “deprived” group (Arabs, blacks, Chinese) taking sexual revenge against their perceived oppressors (Jews, whites, Japanese). It’s typical of both The Gap and Gap-like pockets in the Core. Just typical.

3 thoughts on “Gap Sex Caboose Breaking”

  1. Given that our information on sexual assault cases is always colored by the media, by attorneys trying to portray their clients as just caught up in someone else’s mess/the other person is a slut, bitch/chauvinist, pig – why not simply enact gag rules around any such case, forbid the release of accused and accuser’s personal information, and resolve the matter according to the legal process? We know that sometimes, the accusations are false, and sometimes, they aren’t. But the harsh glare of the spotlight doesn’t make actually digging the truth out of these things any easier.

  2. I don’t like to judge the merits of the case until all is said and done, though I do distress that increasingly rape victims are put on trial in the public eye via the media and defense lawyers. Such are the times…..

    However, I do think this case once again shows that DA’s (and also to a degree) should not be up for popular election, but need to be appointed by some sort of qualified commission.

  3. Mike & Eddie,

    Indeed. We do not legally know what happened in this particular case, and ultimately our knowledge is limited by the media, anyway. But if we do trust our criminal justice system, we can say what it records has happened as “true.”


    The problem with gag rules is that both sides attorneys know they can get away with anything they want to, as long as they are discrete. Think of the gross government negligence (which both helped and hurt their case) in the trial of Zacharias Mussoui, for instance. Yet they still gained the verdict they wanted.


    A steeper problem is that prosecutors are almost always right – either on the details of the case, or the fact that if the defendant did not commit this particular crime — he probably committed a very similar crime at some other time. This amounts to positive bayesian reinforcement in shutting down the OODA loop to developing information. It appears to be a profound, structural flaw in our justice system.

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