CIA Subverts Democratically Elected Government

Failed Mutiny?,” by Jimmy Chuang and Rich Chang, Taipei Times, 22 March 2006, page 1, (from The Korea Liberator).

C.I.A. Fires Senior Officer Over Leaks,” by David Johnston and Scott Shane, New York Times, 22 April 2006, (from Just One Minute, hat-tip to Larwyn).

During the run-up to the Iraq War, remember how the neocons kept claiming that the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department are subverting our elected government.

Well, they were right.

State: Check
CIA: Check

And surprise, surprise, the latest ne’er-do-well is a Kerry supporter.

According to the NYT

The Central Intelligence Agency has dismissed a senior career officer for disclosing classified information to reporters, including material for Pulitzer Prize-winning articles in The Washington Post about the agency’s secret overseas prisons for terror suspects, intelligence officials said Friday.

And from the blogs:

The Times notes that Ms. McCarthy made the max $2,000 contribution to John Kerry in 2004, but so did Sue; what the Times missed (but Rick didn’t) is that Ms. McCarthy also appears to have given $500 to the DNC in 2004. Ghostcat found a $2,000 contribution to Kerry from the presumed hubby, Michael J McCarthy; and I have found a $5,000 contribution to the Ohio democratic party in 2004…

That senior security officials are breaking the law to prevent stymie democratic government’s actions would be disturbing in any country. It was disturbing when it happened in France, it’s was disturbing when it almost happened in Taiwan, it’s disturbing that it’s happening now.

Like Taiwan with their KMT, America is lucky than the leadership of her opposition, the Democrat Party, isn’t actively treasonous. The KMT turned down potential military backing to overthrow the elected President, just as John Kerry dismissed Sandy Berger.

Still, Democrats should be ashamed that so many in their party are working against our government, our interests, and our war.


2 thoughts on “CIA Subverts Democratically Elected Government”

  1. In another place, in another time, we might whisper the word
    ” coup”.

    Nodes and hubs Dan. Who ties State and the CIA in a way that obviates the need for email, phone calls or subterfuge for meetings ? Whom did they work for, go to school with, serve overseas with, who might use them as cut-outs ? What key players in the other party ” go way back” with them ?

    This would have worked ten years ago. Not today. More people are going to be fired or retired (or indicted )in the near future. Watch.

  2. What a …”coincidence”?–*perhaps* not exactly the “right” word, but it's the “best” I can come up with on short notice–Just Friday night I came across this:

    The Company says, “You're fired!”

    (Don't forget to check the combox.)

    And here's a follow-up:

    Mary McCarthy's Fall: A Mole Hunt?

    Since Mr. Safranski wants to talk about “nodes and hubs,” check out these links recently posted to a thread on the Yahoo Group “Lidless Eye” (

    Discussing these links further, the poster states:

    “[…]one considers the names to which Ms. McCarthy is being linked. “The Belmont Club” links to a post which gives, citing news stories and press releases, the names of some people to whom Ms. McCarthy is politically, academically, or organizationally connected. Those names include:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    General Wesley Clark USA
    General Anthony Zinni USMC (Ret.)
    Sandy Berger
    Joseph Wilson (Mr. Valerie Plame – Overlapping service on the National Security Council)
    Richard Clarke
    and of course, the Kerry campaign.

    These are individuals with powerful resources, to the point where I see a real need to worry about Ms. McCarthy's safety if they think she is going to give them up in the course of a prosecution….”
    Wow. That's pretty dark, eh? (Well, it's his POV…)

  3. Mark,

    Ths is a coup d'etat — perhaps the greatest coup in American history. It is the running replacement of the Establishment Regime that held this nation for a century. Of, by, and for the Modern world, the Eastern Establishment (through its network of networks — its society of societies) viewed our democratic system as just one tool among many. A 4th Generation Force in their own world, they ruled the rest through the 1GW methods of centralized compulsion.

    4th Generation forces take a long time to win, and a long time to lose. The Eastern Establishment is now in the Long Losing.


    Like Communist China and the European Union, or the old Soviet Union and the old Indian Empire, the United States can be effectively ruled by a few thousand people. So any relatively high-profile arrest will touch on other influential people. This is inevitable — one could not be influential without connection to other influential hubs.

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