The Abortion of Tolerable European Islam

Chirol’s recent three part series on the Third World in the United States (I,II, and III) warn us of the dangers of importing dysfunctional cultures to the developed world. “Connectivity” is not the answer to cultures that been destroyed. Especially if the new host culture is its inflexible.

Germans in a Brothel
(No Blasphemous Imagery, Inshallah!)

Which is why the Islamization of Europe is idiotic.

I’m sympathetic towards immigration, and I have traditionally supported Turkey-in-Europe. But all over Europe, we see violent resistance by Muslim immigrants (and their descendants) combined with insane government actions.

The application of terrorism to the mundane is now a Muslim-European tradition. Not only was Theo van Gogh murdered for speech that did not pass the Islamist test, now his replacement has been attacked, too. And a brothel has been threatened by anti cartoonist Muslim thugs for having the wrong images on their display.

European governments are responding with that mix of heartlessness and counter-productiveness which marked their efforts in the World Wars. The Netherlands wonder if modest Muslim women should be ineligible for the social safety net. And Finland turns on its own, and may arrest cartoonists in an effort to pre-emptively surrender.

Turkey’s marriage to the European Union would have been one of the greatest moves in geopolitical history. But with the inability of Europe to mainstream its Muslim population, it maybe a journey too far.

3 thoughts on “The Abortion of Tolerable European Islam”

  1. But these attackers tend to be recent converts to Islam or radical Islam, and raised in mainstream European culture, not Islamic ghettos. The European socialist terrorists committ and have committed a lot more violence than the European Muslim terrorists.

  2. Adam,

    I agree with your concern of socialist terrorists. However, the fact that a man has recently ecaped cancer does not mean he should start smoking. Just beacuse Europe had previously contracted this disease itself doesn't mean it should reracquire it from Muslim lands.

    Further, the violent imposition of Sharia — which ware seeing — warns us that the Islamist ruleset is even garder than the discarded Communist one.

    While it is clear a large degree of this violence comes from ghettos, poverty does not cause terrorism. I agree. At least in Europe, at least now, Muslims cause terrorism.

    There is non-Islamic terrorism in Europe (Pim Fortyn, most obviously). But it is nothing this widespread, nothing this totalitarian, nothing this threatening to European culture.

  3. I just don't see the problem as being cause by Islam. I see angry alienated young men who turn to radical Islam because its a more natural fit for a descendant of Islamic people than a radical socialist or skinhead group. It's not so much that an Islamic terrorists comes to Europe to continue havoc, its that an Islamic family comes to Europe, raises their children non-Muslim or moderate Muslim, and then one of their kids or grandkids decides to become a murderer.

  4. Adam,

    If it was just a case of alienated young men who happen to be Muslm, we should see similar political violence by others in proportion to their numbers. So, for instance, we should expect Radical Provencal Seperatists to be assassinating their critics as Radical Islamists assassinate theirs. But we don't.

    And we are not just talking about murder — or crime — but political murder — terrorism. The damage of a society done by politcal murder is worse than done by “just” murder, because one effects the nature of democracy much more than the other.

    The fact is something is very, very wrong in Islamic nations today. It does not make sense for Europe to import these problems.

  5. Question: are the non-muslim radical groups doing less damage because of inherent factors, or because they don't have the backing and direction the muslim groups do? For example, suppose the neo-nazis started getting lots of money, training and philosophical guidance from some hypothetical Klansman or pro-apartheid radical millionaire. Would they still be less dangerous than the muslim groups getting money, training and taped sermons from Bin Laden and others in the middle east?

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