Catholicgauze Riseth

Catholicgauze, the writer who got his blogosphere start here at tdaxp with his three-part reporting on H.J. de Blij (on the topics of China, climate change, and Islamic terrorism) has been making his influence felt on the blogosphere. Today he is linked to from the Brussels Journal and Coming Anarchy. Additionally, proving he is weeks ahead of his peers, he scooped Barnett on WorldMapper and debunked geographical skullduggery before the story conned Slashdot.

Then again, CA scooped CG on World Wind.


Whatever the answer, be sure to check out Catholicgauzes Atlas of Posts as well.

2 thoughts on “Catholicgauze Riseth”

  1. Good spelling just slows down the scopping! 😉

    Catholicgauze, perhaps the only solution is to escalate your war — rebrand “CG” to “CA”: The Catholic Anarchy.


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