LOST on the Net

Catholicgauze, fresh from his conquest of the blogosphere and being called a monster in Spanish, emailed me from interesting LOST links. LOST is an interest of mine (and other bloggers) so I was delighted when emailed me some links…

Map of LOST Island

Carson Andorf, currently with Iowa State’s Artificial Intelligence Research Group, collects a bajillion graphics for LOST. From pipes accidentally visible to angles of reflection in the Swan Station.

Some other LOST Links: The Hanso Foundation, which advertised on the latest episode, has relaunched its website. I’ve also joined the fanbase of podcasts, becoming thoroughly addicted to the two best LOSTcasts: The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack and Generally Speaking LOST Podcast.

And while I’m throwing out links, here’s another one: gnxp: Gene Expression. I will be taking a class on genetics in the social sciences both semesters next year, so gnxp is the new place to be.