China Trip, So Far

Got into Beijing, via Tokyo-Narita, Minneapolis, and Omaha, just fine. The trip went pretty smoothly, but travel time (from arriving at the airport to arriving to these accomodations) of a day is wearing, no matter how its achieved. Japanese stewardesses are delightful, American ones considerably less so.

I wrote two posts on the plane, and they should be online eventually. China censors my blog, but not blogspirit administration, which means I can write posts but not comments. Hopefully, I can circumvent this soon.

CCTV featured a show of a man who can memorizing license plate numbers, and three plates were from South Dakota (one from Minnehaha County (Sioux Falls), one form Pennintgon County (Rapid City), and another one as well). Similar feats were studied as part of my creativity, talent, and expertise class. Then, a political show discussing Taiwan in terms Barnett could love.

While driving through Beijing last night, saw a total of three Chinese flags (two of which were at the very soviet Beijing, formerly Moscow, exhibitation field). One billboard prominently featured George Washington.

The accomodations are delightful, and my props to all who helped in this. Slept pretty well. Now off to a day’s adventure!

Zai jian!

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