The First Full Day

Below are some pictures of the day. The major non-shot event: a gigantic Billboard of Mount Rushmore. And when you’re finished with the pictures, a quick blog note: Catholicgauze was linked to by Little Green Footballs. Congrats!

Living in the Shadows (of Fog and a Hill)


Construction cranes in the distance

180 from the crane

A Traffic Nightmare

Be Like Washington. Buy Goods and/or Services.

Construction Boom

Alley near the Beijing Zoo

Communist Flags Are (almost) Exclusively Limited to Foreign Hotels

The Only Other Communist Flags: The Moscow Beijing Commercial Exhibit Field

Fashion Billboards

Non-Ironic Chinese Writing

Are the Communists Good to Puppies?

Street Ping Pong

The Flags of Two Countries. One is a godless, statist regime facing economic stagnation and demographic decay. The other is the People’s Republic of China.

5 thoughts on “The First Full Day”

  1. Economic stagnation in France ? What a good joke..All the statistics show that France will be the N°1 Economy in Europe in a few decades… And France is actually, in 2007, one of the wealthiest and richest country in the world… Well France will n°1 in Europe Thanks to ?? Its birth rate, the highest in European Union after Ireland…So, i don’t think that “facing economic stagnation and demographic decay” is accurate…Please, reads some stats before post some hilarious stuff like this, that’s really a PITY ! Haha your lack of culture make me lough so much thanks !

  2. Adrien,

    Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment!

    I’m unaware of data showing that the French economy will exceed the British economy in a few decades — could you post the link?

    I’m aware of a recent bump in the French birthrate — I wonder of the demographics, though (France of course not reporting racial or ethnic information in her census). A France which grows bigger only by growing increasing Islamic may not be in the best interests of European civilization.

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