A Forbidding City?

The adventure today involved a ton of walking, in and around Tiananmen Square. Some photos from the drives, as well.

Rock of Ages

PLA Air Force Officer, Stuck in Traffic like the rest of us

Reminds me of South Dakotan towns displaying weapons

A Street Scene

Uniformed, Mindless Zombies of the Great Leader working for you! (in the subway)

Socialist Capitalist Realism Hip-Hop

Tiananmen Square Prepares for the Olympics

The Police State Hard at Work Enjoying a Rest

Memorial to Fallen Heroes

Soon, tdaxp’s portrait will be there

Where They Decided to Censor tdaxp

Near Tiananmen, Islam and the World

The Once and Future Generations

Italian Ice Cream!

Chinese Love Basketball

More Islam

They Stole Our Church!

Mother of God!

Mary in a Spooky Grotto

The Moat by the Forbidden City

Chinese Chess, Three Men Watch, a Girl is Bored

The Moat (Other Side of the Bridge)

Approaching the Main Entrance

Swimming, Fishing, and Diving are Forbidden near the City

Perhaps not the most Authentic Section…

It Just Keeps Going!

Building and Sky

An Artificial Hill

Busy People, Quiet Scenery

Hauling Lumber (on the way back home)

4 thoughts on “A Forbidding City?”

  1. Dan,

    Great pictures of China.

    The rocket on display looks to me (rocket was partially covered)like a Long March 3 (LM-3) rocket which the Chinese use to send their communications satellites to space and (to my knowledge) has not been weaponized.

    It's interesting to see a mosque and a nice-looking church in China.

    It's nice to be able to read the signs too. It might lessen your chances of doing something “improper” and getting arrested or something.

  2. The signboard below the green dome of the “mosque” identifies the building as an entertainment center. I believe the picture was taken on Wangfujing Street. The only mosque I know of in central Beijing is southwest of Changan Blvd. The green dome was probably stuck on the top to make the building look exotic, a la Arabian Nights.

    Like the “air conditioning,” aka rolled up pant leg. At least his shirt wasn't rolled up, too.

  3. Sonagi,

    You're right!

    Wangfujing is beautiful. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I will be sure to check out the mosque on Changan.


    True. Though, as with our space race, telling the world “we can send huge rockets very far very precisely” isn't entirely peaceful. 🙂

    Sadly, my personal knowledge of warning signs is limited to the “danger” character, and even that is questionably (“crispy,” as in “crisphy crackers,” is written “month-danger,” so it can lead to some confusion!”). I rely on Lady of tdaxp and Chinese-speaking friends to keep me out of danger.

    Hope they don't betray me! 🙂

  4. Dan,

    You are precisely right. A space race is sort of a low-key, passive-agressive version of an arms race. If you can put a rocket in orbit, you can probably put a rocket (with a nuclear warhead) in a US city.

    “Danger” and “crispy”, hmmm. “Danger” is probably more likely, I would assume. Thank God you have Lady of tdaxp with you to keep you out of potential trouble.

    Be careful out there.

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