Lufthansa Shopping Centre and Peking University

Today’s travels took us to the largest mall in Beijing, the Lufthansa Shopping Centre, as well as the famous Peking University. While at the U we saw a memorial to Edgar Snow, whose wikipedia page is of course firewalled out of reach of PRC citizens.

Moscow in the Eyes of Children

A Government Building

Red Flags Welcome Shoppers to the Largest Mall in China

Kaiser Soze!

Oliver Twist is often not Historical Fiction Here

Too Many Zis!

Finding a China-themed shirt proved difficult

Unneeded Signs: Not One Tractor or Farm Animal Yet Seen

Wealth, Old and New

Hua Biao

International Relations at Peking University

The Least Authentic Fight Ever


A Functioning Courtyard

UNL Could use some Campus Cats to Eat our Campus Squirrels


Is There Any University Where Anime Isn’t Taking Over?

Appreciation Banner for Google

It’s Campus Tour Day, and that means Goofy Activities

Peking University Library

Campus Lake. Reminds me of Sioux Falls

The Darkest of Hillside Thickets?

Campus Merchants

Across the Lake

A Pagoda with Bell (Tingzi)

Swastikas (Non-Nazi, Obviously)

Luckily for him, the spelling of “high” wasn’t on the GRE

Love Graffiti

Every Campus Also Needs an Incredibly High Tower

Traffic Jam, Leaving Campus

There’s a Lot to See Here, So I’ll just call it “Good”

Dude, you’re bicycling a Dell!

5 thoughts on “Lufthansa Shopping Centre and Peking University”

  1. haha just so you know, the chinese in the picture you have up, titled ‘love graffiti’ means:
    ‘bean[someone’s nickname] (heart) big pigs forever’
    or in pin-yin: ‘Dou (heart) da zhu dao yong’

    haha it made me smile.

  2. it is, but that character, jia, means ‘home’. the pig as the radical just gives meaning to the word. zhu [the second character after the heart] actually means ‘pig’.


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