Kevin Mitnick Interviews Steve Wozniak

My plane ride to Beijing wasn’t just full of blogging on Christian 5GW and reading classic American horror. I also had the chance to listen to a delightful episode of Coast to Coast AM.

On April 30th, Kevin Mitnick (filling in for Art Bell) interviewed Steve Wozniak. I had heard of both of these men before — Mitnick for his computer crimes and subsequent consulting biz, Wozniack for his co-founding of Apple, the invention of the Apple computer, his famed kindness, and his Wheels of Zeus site.

The interview is impossible to summarize, going over everything from high school to Presidential politics. Nonetheless, I was stunned to see what an excellent duo they made. Mitnick’s radio voice is incredible, and Wozniak’s is as well. In fact, in the first hour when Wozniak was talking, I thought he was the co-host.

If you subscribe to Coast to Coast, listen to the four hour interview for yourself!

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