Quality, a tdaxp series

The tdaxp feature, Jeusism-Paulism, combined three posts into a coherent series of articles. This spurred discussion on the original thoughts, and made it easier for new visitors to the website to read about the “4th Generation” or “Netwar” aspects of the earlier Christians.

If that treatment is good enough for God, it’s good enough for Quality

Photo Courtesy Despair.com

This series, Quality, combines five previous posts into an extended discussion about the definitions of a thing: what makes a thing good, and what makes a thing a thing. These two questions are really one, and the most direct inspiration for the answer is Robert Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality, particularly his works Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila.

Quality, a tdaxp series, has five parts.

formerly Zen and the Art of Semantic Eurovision Networks
Beauty, which melts our hearts, is a representation of Quality.

formerly Friction (and other things) in Politics
Melting is a consequence of heat, which is caused by friction of two qualitative objects.

formerly The Frictional Sea
Melting produces liquids, which eventually form the great ocean of reality.

Inlets, Lakes, and Streams
formerly Interpretivism as Context
We divide the global ocean into smaller bodies of world, pretending they are separate things, so we can understand them.

The Magic Cloud
formerly Globalization is Water: The Magic Cloud
The watery substance of our world is not ice, because it is everywhere reconstructing.

Reviews for the posts in Quality, a tdaxp series:

“truly bizarre and equally brilliant… probably the best display of horizontal thinking in a blog I’ve ever seen… I had to go lie down with a Corona Extra after reading it.”
Thomas Barnett

“Amazing work… It couldn’t get any clearer than this… Thumbs up!!”
– Matthew Cachia

Bill Rice

“Amazing. Simply amazing.”
– Robin Sadovsky

“Holy cats !!!”
Mark Safranski

“Very enjoyable… 100%”
UNL Political Science Professor

Begin reading the first part, “Beauty.”

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  1. here's a fun note: my good friend, Macon is the husband of the sister of the brothers who founded despair. he works there now, along with his brother.

  2. haha 🙂

    The best story like that I know is when my cousin moved into his new house, and discovered his back yard neighbor was a (previously unknown) third cousin.

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