Women and the Stability of Christianity

The Tiger in the Academy,” by Tim Safford, Christianity Today, April 2006, http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2006/004/33.70.html (from The Korea Liberator).

The last part of a war, sometimes called “Stage 3,” or “Phase IV,”or “Stability,” operatons, is essentially the feminization of war. The last stage of war is in some ways un-war, because instead of killing what was you build what will be. This final portion is the pay-off for a take-over operation. The difference between killing and building is the difference between the Leviathan and the SysAdmin, A-Z Ruleset and the Reverse Domino Theory, the Soldier and the Warrior, the Panzer and the Soldat, man and woman.

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I earlier wrote about this in the context of Christianity as a 4GW Movement. Now a great example of it from the University of California:

“This generation of Asians is the most blessed of all Asians in history,” says pastor David Hsu of the West Houston Chinese Church. “The opportunity to learn, to interact, to have freedom is unparalleled. They have unprecedented opportunities and material blessings. But you either become a channel of blessing, or it will be taken away from you and given to others.”

Asian campus fellowships have unique opportunities for evangelism. The close community draws in non-Christian Asians, who are not likely to find a comparable sense of belonging anywhere on campus. Rarely is another Asian group so large and friendly. Christians so dominate the Korean American student world that one Stanford student posted a lengthy online lament. As a non-Christian, he said, he stood a much-diminished chance of finding a Korean wife. “The challenge for Asian Americans in an ethnic fellowship is to use it as a base for evangelism,” Tokunaga says, “not just to stick with people they are comfortable with.”

Want to invent a new religion? Exploit the core competencies of men and women and save the souls of humanity. Or at least, spread your memes.

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