TSA: Top-Notch Security Agency

With my vacation to Beijing completed, I want to get something off my chest.:

The Transportation Security Agency does their job very, very well.

The tdaxp Seal of Approval

Since the 9/11 attacks, every time I’ve flown the security has become more and more professional. In this latest trip, the reached new heights. The TSA was better not only than previous incarnations of itself, but also bested Japanese and even Chinese security.

As someone who enjoys criticizing the federal government, this can be hard to say, but it’s true: “TSA, Job Well Done!”

(The same cannot be said for American stewardesses, but that is a post for another time…)

2 thoughts on “TSA: Top-Notch Security Agency”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Congrats! O’Hare was great for me but McCarran not so much. On the other hand, in Chicago the TSA employee (female) joked about a strip search until we found out what was setting off the detector ( my bad).

    Yeah, I could post on stewardesses too, WTF is up with corporate recruiting these days ?????

  2. Mark,

    Glad that O’Hare is still passable. Lady of tdaxp and I are going to be connecting through on this year’s expedition, so hopefully it will be as convenient as Minneapolis was last year.

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