Massacre at the Gate of Heavenly Peace

Not Settled” (courtesy Purpleslog).

While ZenPundit and Catholicgauze pat America on the back for the Liberation of Europe, there is work yet to be done.

As we remember the Battle for Normandy, we cannot forget the Massacre at the Gate of Heavenly Peace

Tiananmen Square Massacre

When we defend Taiwan from the Chinese People’s Republic, is it not the Taiwanese “holding us hostage.” It is preventing this from happening to an entire nation. Again. And again.

America’s policy is and must be the destruction — the transformation or revolution — of the current regime in Beiping. To the extent the Communist government in those lands wants to “modernize,” we can be friends and help them. But to the extent the Communist Party will use violence to widen the political gap between them the Chinese, the Tibetans, the Turkmen, the Taiwanese, or any other people, we cannot.

Coming Anarchy 2, Methods and Analysis

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