Abortion Foes Victorious in SD Primaries

Several Opponents of Abortion Bill Lose,” by Joe Kafka, Associated Press, 7 June 2006, http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/politics/14756121.htm (from South Dakota Politics).

More good news from the Pro-Life State, following the Democratic Party’s firing of their pro-abortion Clean Cut Kid and the Oglala Sioux suspension of their pro-abortion President


Pro-Abortion Senators Defeated in the ’06 Pimary: Adelstein (R-Rapid City), Duniphan (R-Rapid City), Kooistra (R-Garretson), Moore (D-Yankton), Sutton (R-Aberdeen)

Pro-Life Senators Victorious in the ’06 Primary: Abdallah (R-Sioux Falls), Bartling (D-Burke), Greenfield (R-Clark), Klaudt (R-Walker), Napoli (R-Rapid City)


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