Network Politics, a tdaxp Series

This series, Network Politics, follows in the footsteps of Jesusism-Paulism and Quality. Like those two other blog features, this series is actually a combination of older, separate posts into one coherent whole. The theme of these posts is networked politics, or attempts to compel others to act in certain ways within the context of society.

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Network Politics contains this prologue, and introduction, and five other sections. With the exception of this prologue, every post in this series dates from May 2005.

Network Politics, a tdaxp series
Introduction: Net-Attacks and Counter-Attacks
Part 1, 0GW / 4GW: Iraqi Sunnis
Part 2, 0GW / 4GW: Christian Conservatives
Part 3, 1GW / 4GW: George Soros
Part 4, 2GW / 4GW: Social Security
Part 5, 4GW / 4GW: John Kerry

Two generations of warfare, two styles of meaningful struggle, are conspicuously missing from this series. I have written very little on 3GW, or blitzkrieg, and this is something I need to correct. On the other hand I have written a lot on 5GW, or SecretWar. For 5GW, see especially Go Deep and Dreaming 5th Generation Warfare. Curtis Gale Weeks and Purpleslog have also discussed that phenomenon in some detail.


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