Phil Jones’ tdaxp Podcast, and More Cool Links

Phil Jones, the ulra-productive blogger behind BeatBlog, Blahsploitation, PlatformWars, OPTIMAES, SmartDisorganized, SupplyLearner, and ThoughtStorms,has released his podcast interview of tdaxp.

Being interviewed was awesome, especially with someone as smart and conversational as Phil. Plus, his cultured British accent contrasts nicely with my faintly Marquettan pronunciation.

The majority of the discussion concerned my Computer Science thesis, and the history of the Sioux, the Indians native to South Dakota.

Get the podcast now, or read the podcast blog, Political Ideas and Values. A taste of the thread:

interesting, for a Catholic thinker, all this focus on success and stepping away from the moral questions. (Or maybe we get to moral assessments of cultures in part 2). For me ’survival’ is an important part of thinking about political projects (it falls under the heading of ‘feasibility’, which we’ve discussed before – little point advocating a political project that is bound to fail) but can’t be all of it. Even if you could prove to me that eg. US or Chinese imperialist cultures were the strongest, most likely to succeed, I’d still be against them.

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More cool blog links below the fold

Adam at The Metropolis Times discusses Al Gore’s new movie, illegal immigration, and the Iraqi insurgency.
Curtis Gale Weeks tackles a new variation of the OODA Loop.
Curzon has an absolutely amazing travelogue of Vietnam and China that puts mine of Beijing and Tianjin to shame.
Eddie, Live from the FDNF, ponders defending a small island.
Mark Safranski blogs dubious Russian theories and dubious theories concerning Russia.
Sonny at FX-Based curses his book organization skills.

5 thoughts on “Phil Jones’ tdaxp Podcast, and More Cool Links”

  1. Downloaded and listening to now. I have ot say, that music is very annoying and you can't hear almost anything in the beginning until its turned off. Also, I think I've been using the unofficial name of your site. I say “tee dax pee” not the individual letters. Is that allowed? =)

  2. “I have ot say, that music is very annoying and you can't hear almost anything in the beginning until its turned off. “

    OK, noted. I'll have a think about that.

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