2 thoughts on “Ugly Blogspirit Problems”

  1. Younghusband,

    If I wanted to light a single candle, I would be out doing something. But I'm a blogger! I curse the darkness! It's what I do! 🙂

  2. Looks to me like the 'ol no stylesheet problem…it happened to me a while back when I was changing servers. No fun…glad to see it's fixed now though ^_^.

  3. Ouch, its probably something with the templates. Best bet is to email them directly, since the help tickets take forever.

  4. Shay, Adam, thanks!

    The blogspirit stylesheet wasn't being called, which led to the problems on certain pages. This is strange. In the Taiwan, for example, the “good” page lasted through several comments, but then suddenly broke.

    I have a help ticket up, and I'll report the solution/response when it's available.

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