Gap Debating Society v. Core State

OIC is concerned over the UNSC failure to halt Israeli aggression on Lebanon,” Syrian Arab News Agency, 3 August 2006, (from Democratic Underground).

Some at that toothless talking club, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, has (predictably) joined the anti-Israeli chorus:

Participants at the emergency meeting of the executive committee of the 56-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference vehemently condemned the constant Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine.

The conferees, in a final statement Thursday, held Israel the full responsible for the loss of innocent lives particularly in Qana’s second massacre that claimed lives of some 60 innocent persons mostly children and women.

” The OIC is deeply concerned over failure of the UN Security Council to take necessary measures to impose a cease-fire in Lebanon and end the Israeli brutal onslaughts on Lebanon,” the statement said.

” The U.N. Security Council is demanded to undertake its responsibility without any further delay by deciding on and enforcing an immediate and unconditional comprehensive cease-fire in Lebanon,” the participants underlined.

On Palestine, the Islamic states’ leaders demanded of the Israeli complete and unconditioned pull out of the occupied Palestinian territories including western Jerusalem, underscoring necessity of setting up the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Why predictably? Because the OIC is a defining part of the Gap. We should expect nothing less in this fight of the Core in the Gap — this Core intervention in a Gap civil war.