God, the Devil, and an Experiment

Recent activity by Mike of Spooky Action has made me consider continuing my series, Jesusism-Paulism: The Revolution of Early Christianity. Thus I am happy to see that Curtis of Phatic Communion has posted on a related topic, Jesusism-Taoism. An excerpt:

The type of ‘turn the other cheek’ meekness, or approach, utilized by early Christians is very like the softness of water; and like water wearing down the boulders in the riverbed, early Christianity would wear down the rigid Roman society, given enough time — at least, that would be the hope. This would be achieved not because Christianity was a netfaith, as Dan has claimed, but because the equality of all under God made the Christians like water. Just as water can move around rigid boundaries, the body of Christians could move around rigid Roman social structures.

Curtis and I are discussing the issue, though I wonder how much of our “disagreement” is really a residual of an earlier, Roman overthrow of tribal family structures. The early Christians overthrew the idea that free men were the only people with moral worth – virtu – with an idea that all people had virtu. Yet the Romans and Christians shared an abomination of the foolish genealogies of tribal societies. Both the Romans and Christians de-emphasized that degree of genetic relationship in favor of a more expansive definition of worth. (In other words, both the Romans and Christians replaced petty loyalties with a mitochondrial peace.)

At the opposite end of the cosmic continuum, Satan Incarnate kindly posted a comment on my blog



ESSPECIALY YOU [Iranian photographer] AMIR [Normandi]….

I puzzled over the implications of the Great Enemy demanding an adherence to strict Islam

Like a poster reading “¡Solamente Inglés! ¡Vota por Tancredo!“, Devil’s comment is bewildering. Is the Lord of Flies protecting Islam because it is his blasphemous creed, or does even Beelzebub shudder at infidelity? Perhaps the Great Tempter is merely vain, and is hoping for the day when we will all read the satantic verses as if they were written by al-Ilah before Time?

Still, I appreciate Devil not threatening to kill me on this world, unlike some other Muslims.

The right-wing blogger Michele Malkin has added the ability to submit her posts to the popular news aggregator, digg. As an experiment I am doing the same, and you will see the “submit to digg” buttons around this blog, at least for a bit

Because my post Israel is a New-Core State Fighting in the Gap has received some attention because of the fantastic conversation in that thread, I am asking that readers digg it. Let’s see how this experiment goes.