Totalitarianism is Chic When It’s Ironic and Past-Tense

Courtesy of Mutant Frog (now based on Bangkok) and the ever-Canadian Younghusband of Coming Anarchy, three photos of girls Mel Brooks-ing the evil of the past by robbing it of its terror (through cosplay — at least they aren’t furries).

But this post has a serious message:

Actually, the North Korean one isn’t in jest, at all. North Korea is still owned by terror. North Korea detained an American for decades and kidnapped his Japanese wife. North Korea is a nightmare-state.

The men and women, boys and girls, of North Korea will not be free until the Pyongyang government is deposed, either be a coup, a Chinese invasion, or American regime change.

The men of North Korea will not be free to be men, and the women of North Korea will not be free to be women, until liberty comes to that half of the Republic of Korea. Let’s hope it comes soon.

36 thoughts on “Totalitarianism is Chic When It’s Ironic and Past-Tense”

  1. Just a guess, but the red contacts make me suspect the middle lady is cosplaying a character from HELLSING, not real Nazis.

  2. I don't think China would invade North Korea. Too many loses. Anyway, why do they dress as Nazi's? Are they making a Japanese version of “The Producers”? Or is that in there stupid Cos play style? The point is it's stupid.

  3. Michael… Dude.. WTF?

    Pretending to be someone who's a nazi in a pretend world is somehown different to prentnding to be a nazi?

    Gotta say.. for me it's all HHHHHHHHOT!

    I love a mean bitch with a whip

  4. Morally, it is dubious either way; that first girl wasn't wearing contacts, though. Anyway, I was looking at it from a literal point of view, though. *shrug*

  5. Just a reminder of the basic point of this thread:

    We can laugh and have fun with evil once it's weak and dead. Nazism is dead evil.

    Kim Jung Il's North Korea is still alive.

  6. I like North Korea and want to see that girls kicking a crap away from you all with their beaten boots.
    Democracy is a donkey circus and must be kicked off.

  7. I agree… I like North Korea and we all would love to see these gorgeous members of the Korean Red Guard punishing you hard with an interrogation whip, you social-democrat kleinburger piece of shite.
    Your political analysis bases on speculations formulated by American agencies that have been known in the past for “subjective conclusions”. I think you are a hippie who really swallows all the copromorphic speech of George W.C. Bush.

  8. I've just imagined you as part of the cast for these imbecile movie…SOuth Park! Instead of Saddam Hussein, it's you who are in bed with Satan making a trio with Bush. And you tell Bush, oh give it to me, call me a communist daddy, call me communist and give me your cock so I can suck it like you wish Hu-Jintao did! Oh, fuck me hard Mr. President, fuck me and call me commie bitch!!
    I'm still thinking about the speech of Satan. I think he would suck your asshole and stab it with an American flag.
    Don't worry, I'll let you know.

  9. I don't really see any connection to hippies and Bush… i always thought they were kind of opposite ends of the spectrum… but anyways, cosplay is cosplay and i think you can dress up as anyone you want without fear of being categorized (isn't that the point, anyways?) and also, communist governments aren't bad, what's bad is how they are run, and North Korea is just too proud to accept help from other nations, that is its main problem.. i mean if China didn't have communism, they never would have been able to become such a large nation.. i'm sad that now that as they are becoming more capitalist, they are tearing down old traditional buildings, and replacing them with skyscrapers, and loosing their culture to “americanization”…. but that's just my 2 cents.

  10. What is freedom? Can you explain? Being able to do a bit more doesn't make you free. Please, stop this brainwashing message about North Korea being a night-mare. No one cared for Rwanda or Sudan… because the country has no value. The serious message in this post is “start war with North-Korea”. This means World War 3.

    Yes, they abducted a couple. Is the war going to start because of that? Remember 'Rape of Nanking” ? Anyone even know how that invasion started? Well, 1 Japanese soldier was stuck in the Chinese civil war so the Japanese army has to enter and destroy. Good luck United States.

  11. I stumbled across this website it my continued research regarding North Korea. I'm not sure the purpose of it or what the author's intentions are but I am disgusted by some of the comments written on this blog… or republican, Christian or atheist, American or Chinese….North Korea is suffering; show some compassion.

    North Koreans are brainwashed daily by their communist government. There is no advertising except for government propoganda, citizens MUST have framed pictures of Kim Jung Il and his father (the “eternal president”) in every home and they don't even have access to any internet website except what's administrated by the government.

    North Korea is suffering! Don't make jokes about the photos, don't insult one another about political views and definately don't make sarcastic comments about the severity of the government's control.

    These ignorant comments justify international thoughts that we Americans have no compassion, no love and no understanding for international crisis. Please, out of respect for those who are persecuted, and for those who have a heart for these people.

  12. Freedom is relative. The perception of freedom is what counts. In plain english, if they agree with Kim Jong Il does, and how he rules the country, it's fine by me. It's not about wars here, if they enjoy their little piece of the world, let them have it. We do not have the right to go and impose something to others because we think it'll be better for them. Let them choose, if they don't like how they are ruled, start a Revolution. But don't start with 'send US Army' to 'free' North Korea. By doing that you step on their right to choose, and that makes you, the one who proposes that, no better. The freedom of choice exists, whatever you think. I am from a former comunist state. The regime was 100% worse here than is now in North Korea. Their regime is not bad, just misunderstood. Ours was bad, and we took measures to prevent it. So, they tried to cut our right to choose what's best for us, and we started a Revolution 😛 Frankly, I have a neutral stance towards it.

  13. The Korean people have it embedded in their minds that America is an imperialist country that wanted to invade Kim Sung 2’s country and destroy their national values. They consider Kim Sung 2 bigger than the Pope considers God… I mean I’d like the country and its regime if I were in Kim’s place…

    But if you ask my opinion, the people will finally realize that the world doesn’t end in the demilitarized zone and rebel against the regime. It’s a matter of time. But it’ll probably last a long time…

  14. I don’t think we should invade anyone, including North Korea. Our invasions of other countries just creates more problems for us to deal with later.

    Besides, North Koreans are generally much happier than Americans. Maybe North Korea should invade us for being a ignorant, unhappy, and hypocritical nation. Besides, are we not all afraid to get caught doing something against the law? Face it, we’re a nation controlled by fear, too; the degrees of fear are different, I admit, but same concept.

  15. I agree with Marco. We in America value our freedom, but who’s to say the people in North Korea don’t value their absence of freedom? What would life be like in a world where everything you did was planned out for you… what you ate, where you live, what you farmed or where you worked? Life would be totally set in stone for you. This is obviouly not what is happening in North Korea, but what happens in an ideal communist state, and if there is ever a war with the North and the people are liberated, the people of the North will realize how lucky they were for having their entire lives planned for them.

    On a different topic, North Korea, and us for that matter, are in no position to invade anyone else, with a recession occurring, gas prices going through the roof, and a complete and total mobilization of the world’s military forces on the horizon. Just look at the facts; war is not far off.

  16. I’ve always wanted to visit North Korea, but it’s so far away and it’s almost impossible to obtain a visa.

    One can’t even move around in that country, I heard they give you “bodyguards” to “save you from yourself’ once you get there…
    They “recommend what to photograph” and that’s “not advised” and they “take care of your security”…
    Truly Orwellian…

    It could be an interesting experience though. Like a trip back to the Cold War era.

    I just don’t get it, since there are such harsh rules, how come those army babes are allowed to wear those short skirts?

  17. I was born and raised in a communist regime, all I can say is communism is a great idea but IT DOESN’T WORK. For those of you that live in a democrat world and think different then gather your things and go to China, Cuba, or North Korea. Have a blast.

  18. In the US, young girls collectively worship the likes of Jessica, Paris, Brittany. (Ya so like duh?)

    Young boys idolize Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, MILFs and Wii.

    American men bow at the altar of porn.

    American women are so vain and self glorifying that they actually buy a magazine known as Self.

    Oddly, North Koreans strike me as rather innocent and naive.

  19. having lived in Saudi Arabia I can say that regimes like that are NOT all bad. very fre Saudis resented living the way they do. were we to force an immediate change to our way of living they would NOT be able to cope, same as if the UK suddenly became a dictatorship a la North Korea. comments here about ‘liberating’ them… why don’t we just chalk up most Arab states, South America, China, the majority of Africa, the rigged ‘democracies’ in parts of the former Soviet Union… have you not seen what happened to Afghanistan andn Iraq as a result of trying to invade for ‘freedom’? things are WORSE for them now, far more people have died and instead of a large, overbearing dictator they have smaller local ‘warlords’… the only difference now is they are free to be killed in larger numbers for causes that don’t mean much to the average person, it is westerners that feel better as a result…

  20. Before the US invaded Iraq, I used to see stories all the time that 5000 children were dieing every day in Iraq, largely as a result of the sanctions. The Oil For Food program was supposed to stop that but some how, Saddam’s administration of the program never seemed to deliver the food and medicine that could have prevented those deaths. Given that 5000 per day that the BBC and all right thinking people accepted when they were trying to blame the US for killing Iraqi children with sanctions, ~10,000,000 Iraqis would have died by now.

    Given that statistics from Iraq, even the insanely inflated statistics invented by The Lancet before the 2004 election, don’t show death totals any where near that, the body count analysis comes up with the US invasion saving Iraqi lives.

  21. Mark in Texas,

    Excellent context.

    Opponents of any policy compare life under that policy to life under ideal circumstances — we saw that with sanctions, and we now see that with the rebuilding. Your post is very clarifying.


    You make a good point, on how the absense of a functioning state government can lead to a bad life. If Iraq and Afghanistan had been integrated into the global system, such outside meddling would not have been necessary.

    I am sad that countries like Saudi Arabia are wealth recyclers [1], country-sized versions of Cleveland [2]. Hopefully Saudi Arabia can join the global system as a wealth-producing state in our lifetimes.

    Raul Must Geau,

    Behind your point, I think, is an interesting point on the role of sexiness v. innocence in western and eastern concepts of attractiveness. It is a fair point, though of course there are exceptions and cross-over (I’m thinking especially of Japan…)


    If you don’t mind me asking, which country were you born in? Do you feel that its situation was in any way similar to North Korea’s? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  22. Some here justifies n korea’s crimes. I recommend the book “hungry ghosts”. When a villager decides to escape to china as punishment the rest of the village is burned alive. When the escapee is returned to n. korea, he is met halfway across the bridge between the countries and metal hooks are run through his nose and shoulders and chest and arms and taken the rest of the way like that. and then what happens? nobody knows.

  23. ty,

    Thanks for the reference. Can you give the author or the Amazon link for ‘Hungry Ghosts’? I see a couple books by that name, but I wanted to be sure that people were directed to the right one after reading your comment!

  24. It’s important to do research on a topic before just assuming that North Korea is something they’re not.
    We need to understand how little freedom of speech they have, and the harsh work camps they are sent to if they “disobey” the government in any way.

  25. Ever think that version of North Korea that the western world gets is just as propaganda filled as the version of the western world that North Korea gets?

    Kind of like the hermit that lives out in the woods in a “haunted cabin” that “eats children”. Since the hermit is cut off from the rest of the world you can say whatever you want to about him… it’s not like he will be able to defend against the rumors.

    I do have to admire one thing about North Korea… at least they haven’t bent over for the Zionazi Jewish Mafia like the rest of the world has. Anybody who isn’t completely retarded can see the the UN is just turning every little country in the world into little states. Why IS there a star of David above the eagle on the back of the dollar bill… it’s probably nothing.

    Army of one… wonder what that means? World domination… nahhhh.

  26. I do have to admire one thing about North Korea… at least they haven’t bent over for the Zionazi Jewish Mafia like the rest of the world has.

    This kind of sums up everything, doesn’t it?

  27. I agree with people who thinks the North Korean people themselves have to make a revolution if they want to have their freedom. In my opinion those people do not know what freedom means, because they were opressed by so many nations and they could never taste the freedom. First by China then by Japan then by the USSR and finally by their own dictators. They have been never free and now they are used to the terror and other totaliter things, so I do not think they will unleash a revolution. The government says the USA, South Korea and all of the nations in the World are bad, imperialist; so North Koreans have been brainwased for decades… They do not want to be like South Korea.

    But I am optimistic: soon the current leader, Kim Jong Il will die and the helm of the government will be his son, who is only 25-30 years old. So I think he will be very felxible and he will recognize the importance of the opening of the country to the world market ad tourists, because they stay very low in economics and so on. So if the new dictator wants to continue his father’s regime, he has to make changes in economics and at the end a change in the political system during which they change their ruling form from totalitarian to autoritharian and after several decades from authoritarian to democratic.

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