Foreign Prostitution in the Nation’s Capital?

“Sauna, body shampoo, table shower, body scrape, massage, private room” on top, followed by “New Management, “Spa 14K: We have really different choices,” “We take credit card.”

In a recent series of threads over at The Korea Liberator

James Na, Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Discovery Institute, and I have been discussing emerging global workplace policing trends, from FBI raids on a DC brothel to minuteman raiding of construction sites to the vagaries of educational visa travel enforcement. Eddie especially, who agreed with me on the legalization of prostitution and drugs, may be interested.

15 thoughts on “Foreign Prostitution in the Nation’s Capital?”

  1. Dan…

    None of the links work for me.

    I don't havea policy problem with prostitution per say…

    ++but it has to be freely chosen (no slavery)
    ++it has to be subtle (no street walkers or creating a public nusience)

    Even then the catholic prude in me is a bit uncomfortable. As long as it is not shoved in my face though, I can live with that social contract.

  2. Interesting. Obviously in this case there is a strong possibility these girls are part of the “illicit” global gray market, i.e. trafficked into this or tricked into it (one or the other, same tragedy). Having seen legalized prostitution at work in Singapore and Thailand, I have a healthy respect for how the rule of law protects the girls both from misbehaving johns and from unnecessary health risks (by testing them often and in many places requiring a condom).

    Better it starts locally at the ground level in the US. It needs to happen though, becuase despite tougher laws against human trafficking, far too many young women and girls are being enslaved into the sex business.

  3. I sort of agree with purpleslog regarding prostitution.

    1) They all have to be volunteers – (No conscripts, or forced into labor prostitutes) Human trafficking is a horrible practice.

    2) It has to be well regulated – taxable, and the girls (or dudes) have to be “certified” and have health certificates

    3) They can be either on call or in “ranches” – no streetwalkers

    BTW as any GI would tell you, there's quite a bit of prostitution in South Korea. Some of it legal, some illegal. I could not tell one from the other and I don't think the Koreans cared either.

    Based on the ad, it seems like they were trying to attrack mostly Korean customers. Maybe some lonely Korean expats longing for a taste of home. This is interesting. You would think that they would want something more “exotic” to them. Then again, I am not Asian.

    On a lighter note, the girl in the ad reminded me of Jun Natsukawa:

  4. Catholicgauze, thank you for your first-person report on major metropolitan prostitution 😉 (j/k!)

    Purpleslog, do the links work for you now?

    Eddie, I imagine a systemic solution would involve some of visa program, similar to Sonny's proposal.

    Sonny, Natsukawa is far more beautiful. Maybe it's just that the monochrome post is framed way too dramatically.

  5. Sonny,

    Very nice! But when it comes to some of her music video…. [1]

    For about five seconds I hoped it was a parody. Then I wanted to kill myself.

    I agree with “kidROBOT343”:

    “it's funny how american influence can make another race look completely stupid.”

    (The same isn't the case, say, in actually good videos, such as Faye Wong's incredible performance of Bohemian Rhapsody [2]. Or, for that matter, the pseudo-Latin beat of New Zelanders in “How Bizarre” [3])

    You're right on the localized manner — a big factor in our favor is that we are an economic & political union of fifty member states [4], what Purpleslog calls “USAv3” [5]

    The federal union has responsibility over who comes in and out, but what they can do is best regulated by the several States.


  6. Dan,

    The video with the Korean homey is hilarious, sad and disturbing at the same time. I can't watch the whole thing.

    I prefer the simpler Hyori Lee, before she became a huge (maybe too Americanized) star.

    There's a “sequel” to the Hyori making (beautiful) faces video:

    Here's some more Hyori Lee simple, beautiful goodness:

    Ahhh OMC. A blast from the past. 1997. Simpler times. A Kiwi in LA singing to a pseudo-Latin Beat, very confusing, but somehow, it works. You pulled that out of the dusty bin. What's next? Chumbawamba?

  7. Sonny,

    Props for both of those Hyori videos. Lots of cute like “Making Faces,” not so much stupid as “Hey Girl”

    I've been thinking of a Guerrillaz [1]-style post on Resilience, from Tubthumpin'…

    “I'll be singing, While we're winning
    I'll be singing

    I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down”


  8. Dan,

    A Tubthumpin'-inspired post on resilience sonds intriguing. Looking forward to it.

    In all fairness “Hey Girl” main flaw is the Korean rapper. The rest of the video is not that bad and Hyori's moves are still very watchable even if you have to endure an out of context rapper. But like I said, I still prefer the “old school” Hyori.

  9. If you make the presence of condoms in a massage parlor equivalent to guilty of prostitution, condoms will go away (not prostitution). If you arrest asian massage girls for offering hand jobs and then say “we can help you if you were a victim of sex trafficking” then of course they will agree they were victims of sex trafficking. Who in this trade has never been offered a deal of work for housing or travel and papers for work? What woman in the world has never been a “victim” of harassment?

    Society is letting the media frame this issue, and the media is workingit because the women aren't in a positionto defend themselves. What form of abuse is that, and shouldn't that be illegal?

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