4 thoughts on “Would any Conservatives mind if the Democrats seized the House in 2006?”

  1. I think you will find a democratic (with lefty leadership) controlled house will spend most of its time investigating and trying to impeach executive branch leaders.

    It will all be about the 2008 presidential election. The clock will tick away and important activities will be obfusacated for another 2 years.

    I am not fond of politicians or inside politics activists – I got my fill of those future types when I was at the University.

    The nation is very divided as to what to do. As far as the National Security theats and opportunity ahead, most of us are ostriches…and our best and brightest are not in congress.

  2. Purpleslog — no one serious argues that Pelosi is compentent.

    But if a GOP House can achieve nothing, then how can we fear more from Pelosi's (hopefully temporary) rule? She does not have powerful political allies anywhere in Washington, so over the next two years she will probably accomplish just as much as Boehner. Execpt without the embarrasment to conservatives.

  3. I hope you are right.

    One sign of the decline of the House democracts' credibility to me was when Harold Ford recieved virtually no votes for the top house leadership and instead Pelosi won overwhelming.

  4. Purpleslog — I remember Harry Ford's post-2002 defeat by Pelosi as well. I do not know enough about Tennessee politics to say whether or not he is the best choice for Senator, but he has made a fine representative. Both parties could use more men like him.

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