The Iraqi Sunni Arab Host Population Is Not A Strategic Partner

Iraq-based Militant Group Praises Jordanian Gunsman,” Irish Examiner, 5 September 2006, (from Democratic Underground).

Iraq Parliament to Debate Federal Break-Up,” AFP, 5 September 2006, (from Democratic Undergound).

Those who support terrorism

An Iraq-based Muslim militant group today praised a Jordanian gunman for shooting foreign tourists visiting a popular Roman ruin in Amman, according to a message posted in its name on the internet.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council in Iraq, which claimed responsibility for several kidnappings of foreigners in Iraq, urged Muslim youth to follow the gunman’s steps.

It said the attack was launched on an “unblessed gathering of Jews and Christians for roaming freely in the countries of Islam”.

Those who oppose federalism and democracy

At the top of the agenda was the controversial issue of whether to allow Iraq’s provinces to merge into larger autonomous regions, a move which some Sunni Arab lawmakers fear could tear the country apart.

Other groups, however, strongly support a plan which would create virtually independent zones in the oil-rich Shiite south and Kurdish north, and leave Sunni Arabs economically isolated in the barren western desert.

The Iraqi Shia and Iraqi Kurds are strategic partners of the United States. The Iraqi Sunni Arab population is not.

It’s time to cease pretending that all populations are naturally friendly to us, and that appeasing Baathists and Qaedists is the route to victory.

One thought on “The Iraqi Sunni Arab Host Population Is Not A Strategic Partner”

  1. america is a shity jude country america is the first
    ennemy for arabs and moslems.and 11 september was
    a wonderful thing .

  2. Wow! The Ba'ath Party is commenting on my blog!

    I'm trembling in my boots, considering the way the Baathists conquered Kuwait (oh, wait…), turned back regime change (oh, wait…), set straight those ethnic cleansing thugs of the Mahdi Army (oh, wait…)

    Maybe the kind commentator represents the Syrian branch, in which case their foiling of the recent Israeli strike (oh, wait…), standing up to Turkey the PKK leader's extradition (oh, wait…)


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