Chinese (the Nationality and the Languages)

Sun Bin, a fine blogger, and I have been hanging out at Tom Barnett’s and Catholicgauze’s blogs. Some excerpts

From Thomas P.M. Barnett :: The Weblog:

Besides being bad in itself, sacrificing the security to a multiparty because a party dictatorship is insulted is not a lesson we want to teach Beijing. And especially not when the dictatorship’s arguments boil down to racial politics for an offshore state that was ruled from the mainland for all of one thousand days in the 20th century.

From Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze!:

Sun Bin is referring to Zhonghua Minzu, the Chinese Nation. As it was developed, it referred to all ethnicities within the border of the late Qing Empire. (Similar to America’s focus on nationality by land and not blood). Of course, since that time China lost Mongolia and (for a few hundred days) gained Taiwan, so “Chinese Nationalists” may now exclude Mongolia and incorporate China.

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