CITI Certified

No, I haven’t flip-flopped on my greedy rant against Citi MasterCard. Rather, I have passed the CITI Course in The Protection of Human Research Subjects. The half-day, online course is designed to teach researchers to respect privacy and generally not hurt people. I need to take it to run human experiments as part of my final project, which attempts to determine a Suicide Punisher Type that is independent of politics, overall personality, etc.

The online materials were doubly painful, because they simultaneously exhibited a pro-Left and anti-Genetics bias. (And some of my fellow students doubted Pinker’s tales of oppression!) For instance, under the lesson on not harming subjects, I learned:

It is also possible that when groups or communities rather than individuals are the focus of a study, the group as a whole may be at risk of harm. For example, studies comparing the average IQ of “racial” groups or the prevalence of HIV-infected individuals in communities may stigmatize the community being studied.

So there is “dangerous knowledge” that shouldn’t be studied, at least according to CITI’s insane interpretation of the federal statues, because the findings may be politically incorrect.

I guess findings that liberals (and conservatives) believe what they do in part to genetics, that whites and indians may both have some neanderthal in them, and that men and women tend to work together differently, are also dangerous?

I’m increasingly sympathetic to the pure sarcasm school of blogging. Chubby maroons.

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